[owncloud-devel] DOM messed up after loading new, , #app-content as TemplateResponse via Ajax

Bernhard Posselt dev at bernhard-posselt.com
Mon Apr 13 11:10:25 GMT 2015

A crap, wrong wishlist link :P

On 04/13/2015 12:46 PM, Bernhard Posselt wrote:
> The files app does not use TemplateResponses for rendering the content.
> It listens for clicks on the navigation and loads JSON based on the URL
> and then uses client side templating to render the content.
> If you want to mimic that behavior its not actually that hard and
> although you dont want to dive into clientside templating quite yet, the
> entry hurdle might be lower for you than you'd actually think.
> If you leave out routing via the URL its basically just:
> * Load the initial page and add all the JS libs using a TemplateResponse
> and simple template
> * Bind click listeners on navigation entries
> * Clicking on a navigation item makes a $.get call to a route and
> controller which returns JSON instead of HTML
> * You rerender the template with the new JSON object, put it into the
> app-content area and rebind the event handlers (if not already done
> using the $.on method)
> Here's a very small and minimal example how that might look like:
> http://jsbin.com/cuxawetuwe/1/edit?html,js,output
> Routing using the URL can very easily added by using a JavaScript
> framework: Angular, Backbone, whatever. If you also want the initial
> content and navigation to be loaded using clientside templating, just
> create a spinner and create two get requests to your controller methods
> that return the initial JSON objects.
> PS: The notes app is very basic and should give you an idea how it could
> work https://github.com/owncloud/app-tutorial/ if you are having
> troubles understanding the tutorial
> https://doc.owncloud.org/server/8.0/developer_manual/app/tutorial.html
> please file an issue with the exact problem on the documentation
> bugtracker https://github.com/owncloud/documentation/issues
> \o/ just check my amazon wishlist :D
> http://www.amazon.de/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=nav_wish_list
> On 04/13/2015 11:19 AM, Marcus Mundt wrote:
>> "I suppose you want to have a full ownCloud page when a user loads the
>> app, and when he clicks something in the navigation, you want to load
>> html into the content area."
>> Yes, that's how it's done for now. But I don't get how other apps,
>> like files and trashbin do it. After clicking on other links in the
>> navigation, they reload the files list table without rendering a
>> complete template. Navigation and stuff doesn't seem to be
>> reloaded/rerendered. How do they trigger JS functions loaded with the
>> normal TemplateResponse for the index page to rebuild the file list?
>> Thanks again, I already feel like sending you a small gift down south.
>> Just send me your address.
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