[owncloud-devel] Authentication app failing

Thomas Leemans thomas.l at helling.nl
Thu Apr 16 09:40:30 GMT 2015


I'm creating an app to authenticate users against my legacy Oracle 
database with users, which I'll be happy to share if I get it to work. I 
started with a copy of one the other authentication apps, and worked 
from there.
It works, well, I can see the user is authenticated, the home-directory 
is created by OwnCloud, and the user is redirected to the default page 
/index.php/apps/files. At that moment however, the login screen appears 
I'm debugging my own code and OwnCloud's to see what is happening, but 
cannot find it yet. Logging in with an internal user does work fine.

Any clues to keep me going?


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