[owncloud-devel] Plugin for administrate any user informations

Jah jah.dev at e.mail.de
Fri Apr 24 11:32:16 GMT 2015

Hi there,

I am looking for an addition for the admin panel, which would allow to 
manipulate and predefine any user settings. Right now you have to set up 
a ldap protocol using service to predefine e-Mail addresses or to 
(de-)activate, not deleting, intelligently. Further to configure a ldap 
in this way that owncloud work with it without any problem, seems to be 
a hell of job, even for guys, who are setting up ldap system every day 
(college of mine).

If there is no addition, I would like to have help/ advise, which 
libs/classes of owncloud I have to use, to have chance to program a 
plug-in myself.
First it would be nice to know, if any one of you think it is not 
possible to write sth. like this anyway.

with regards


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