[owncloud-devel] Adding custom properties on webdav protocol

Benoît Pitet ben.pit at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 08:25:08 GMT 2015

Hi all !

I would like to add some custom properties associated to each files managed
by owncloud I would like to retrieve this properties throught the webdav
protocol like "<oc:permissions/>", "<oc:size/>" properties.

I write a custom app with a custom table to store my properties for each
file (imitating the "files_tashbin" and "files_version") and now I would
like to retrieve and inject this properties on the webdav protocol.

Looking at Sabre documentation and owncloud source code, I found that I
could extend the 'OC_Connector_Sabre_FilesPlugin' class and override the
'beforeGetProperties' and this should do the trick.

But how can I inject this plugin on the default 'OC_Connector_Sabre_Server'
server when my app is activated ?

Or is there any other way to do that ?

Thanks for any response.

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