[owncloud-devel] Authorization to publish app on the app-store

Josef Meile jmeile at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 4 17:25:55 GMT 2015

Never mind, I figured out that I can submit the app to the store, so here it

By the way, on the developer documentation it isn't clear that you can
submit application to the store. This should be improved.

Best regards

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Dear all

I finished coding an App quite similar to:

I rewrote it from scratch by following the "Developer Manual" and added this
1) Show disclaimers coming from text files into a JQuery dialog.
2) Multilanguage support through l10n files. Currently I have: English,
German, and Spanish. I'm not nor a English or a German native speaker, so,
it may have grammar mistakes.
3) Some documentation was added.

I'm the only developer, but I think it meets the coding style guide from
ownCloud. How should I proceed so that the app gets listed as "Experimental"
on the app store?

Here two screenshots:


Best regards

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