[owncloud-devel] ownCloud 2.0.0 rc1 released, includes multi account support

Nicola Canepa canepa.n at mmfg.it
Mon Aug 24 08:49:52 GMT 2015

Hello to all the release team.
Maybe you should make more evident that this announcement is for the 
Desktop Client, not for the server (even if the versions are very 

Just my 2c.


Il 24/08/15 10:39, Jos Poortvliet ha scritto:
> On Tuesday 18 August 2015 18:11:35 Daniel Molkentin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we have just released the first (and hopefully final) release candidate
>> for ownCloud 2.0.0.
> RC2 is out - some final testing is of course welcome!
>> Downloads for Windows, Mac OS X and multiple Linux distributions can be
>> found at https://owncloud.org/install/#testing-development. For those of
>> you who want to give 2.0 a try, but do not wish to replace their stable
>> ownCloud client with a pre-release version, we offer a special
>> "Testpilot" version which you can use next to your production instance,
>> and will not interfere with the syncing of your production ownCloud client.
>> Compared to beta1, these are the most significant changes:
>>    * UX improvements (for the multi account UI)
>>    * Introduce [...] button in account view
>>    * Accessibility improvements (high contrast schemes)
>>    * Don't show redundant directory entries in activity log
>>    * Improve SSL button reliability (work around Qt bug)
>>    * Remove deleted accounts properly from toolbar
>>    * File manager integration: Show hidden files as ignored
>>    * Ignoring hidden files: Fix glitches when migrating from 1.8
>>    * Show wizard when last account was deleted
>> More highlights are listed in the ChangeLog below:
>>    * Add support for multiple accounts (#3084)
>>    * Do not sync down new big folders from server without users consent
>> (#3148)
>>    * Integrate Selective Sync into the default UI
>>    * OS X: Support native finder integration for 10.10 Yosemite (#2340)
>>    * Fix situation where client would not reconnect after timeout (#2321)
>>    * Use SI units for the file sizes
>>    * Improve progress reporting during sync (better estimations, show all
>> files, show all bandwidth)
>>    * Windows: Support paths >255 characters (#57) by using Windows API
>> instead of POSIX API
>>    * Windows, OS X: Allow to not sync hidden files (#2086)
>>    * OS X: Show file name in UI if file has invalid UTF-8 in file name
>>    * Sharing: Make use of Capability API (#3439)
>>    * Sharing: Do not allow sharing the root folder (#3495)
>>    * Sharing: Show thumbnail
>>    * Client Updater: Check for updates periodically, not only once per
>> run (#3044)
>>    * Windows: Remove misleading option to remove sync data (#3461)
>>    * Windows: Do not provoke AD account locking if password changes (#2186)
>>    * Windows: Fix installer when installing unprivileged (#2616, #2568)
>>    * Quota: Only refresh from server when UI is shown
>>    * SSL Button: Show more information
>>    * owncloudcmd: Fix --httpproxy (#3465)
>>    * System proxy: Ask user for credentials if needed
>>    * Several fixes and performance improvements in the sync engine
>>    * Network: Try to use SSL session tickets/identifiers. Check the SSL
>> button to see if they are used.
>>    * Bandwidth Throttling: Provide automatic limit setting for downloads
>> (#3084)
>> Cheers,
>>    Daniel
>> (for the ownCloud Desktop client team)
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