[owncloud-devel] owncloud-client is has now reproducible build on debian

Hefee hefee at netzguerilla.net
Tue Aug 25 08:42:35 GMT 2015


At DebConf I sit down with the guys that push the emforcement of reproducible 
builds and fixed the last issues for owncloud-client [0]. Reproducible build 
means that you are able to recompile and the outcome is bit by bit the same. 
With that you know, that the build is really made from the source.

I added a patch [1] and need to run optipng on all images before it was 
reproducible. The patch is not needed anymore if gcc is patched properly but I 
wanted you inform about that success and maybe other want to ship a 
reproducible owncloud-client.



PS: the reproducible infrastructure using at the moment many patches on 
verious programs (gcc, latex), so it is not a "clean" debian system, but it is 
tried hard to push the patches upstream.

[0] https://reproducible.debian.net/rb-pkg/experimental/amd64/owncloud-client.html

[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-owncloud/owncloud-client.git/tree/debian/patches/0008-make-reproducable.patch

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