[owncloud-devel] owncloud-client is has now reproducible build on debian

Hefee hefee at netzguerilla.net
Wed Aug 26 16:59:41 GMT 2015


> About patch [1]: Wouldn't it have been enough to remove the date and
> time reference from the string, rather than returning an empty string?

Yes that would be enough. But the reproducible team in debian is pushing hard 
to get a patch into gcc to be able to controle the time,date from the outside, 
than the patch wouldn't be needed at all.

> This git sha info has turned out to be useful when debugging...

It is not (that) usefull for us. We have a debian version that actually points 
to one git tag. Every version that lands on debian has a git tag so there is 
not additional information in the git sha. It is already patched, that we show 
the debian version and not the upstream version. I see no advatage to show the 
git sha, that does not working for us, because we use git also packaging and 
the git sha, that is shown is a git sha of the 
http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-owncloud/owncloud-client.git repo). I tried 
it alrealy multiple time to point to the correct git sha of upstream - but had 
no luck :(
These were the two resons that made me to delete the complete part.

I know it is only true for debian, for upstream and people that compile from 
scratch, the git sha can be usefull.



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