[owncloud-devel] owncloud-client is has now reproducible build on debian

Hefee hefee at netzguerilla.net
Thu Aug 27 23:33:52 GMT 2015


> Puzzled: The git sha is the same for every build of exactly that state of
> the owncloud repo.

the problem here is that the .tag is controlled by the debian repo. so f.ex. 
the sha1 that is shown is 74e265339244766c8eb180026514b608399b8bc4, that is 
not a valid id in the upstream repo but in the debian repo:

this has nothing to do with the reporducible builds. 

> The problem may well be this, since it introduces another var into the SHA:
> -            .arg(__DATE__).arg(__TIME__)

as i explained before - this is the problematic line in terms of reproducible 
builds (at the moment). I only deleted the whole part, because it fixed the 
bug with the broke link (to an unknown commit), too (done in **lazymode**).



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