[owncloud-devel] OCC-command "files:cleanup" not operating as expected

Alfred van Hoorn email at alfredvanhoorn.nl
Fri Aug 28 16:26:35 GMT 2015


As you suggested I ran "files:scan --all" (on my Synology Diskstation 
where ownCloud is installed). There are two issues which I do not 

1) While the "files:scan" is running I got many, many times the 
following message. I do not know what it means and I don't know if this 
eventually leads to problems/errors (in the database tables):

           stat: invalid option -- 'c'
           BusyBox v1.16.1 (2015-06-29 18:12:44 CST) multi-call binary.

           Usage: stat [OPTIONS] FILE...

           Display file (default) or filesystem status

                   -f      Display filesystem status
                   -L      Follow links
                   -t      Display info in terse form

2) After running "files:scan --all" I found entries in the oc_filecache 
database-table (for directories, subdirectories and files) from users 
which are already deleted (also in the table oc_users). This seems to me 
as a bug. What can I do about it?

In advance thanks for your reply.


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Verzonden: 28-8-2015 15:29:59
Onderwerp: Re[2]: [owncloud-devel] OCC-command "files:cleanup" not 
operating as expected

>Thanks for your explanation: it is perfectly clear now!! I will give it 
>a try.
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>Van: "Vincent Petry" <pvince81 at owncloud.com>
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>Verzonden: 28-8-2015 15:19:10
>Onderwerp: Re: [owncloud-devel] OCC-command "files:cleanup" not 
>operating as expected
>>1) "./occ files:scan --all" will not touch existing valid files if 
>>already have entries in oc_filecache.
>>However it should remove files from oc_filecache that don't exist any
>>more on disk.
>>If on disk there are new files, it will add them to oc_filecache.
>>So your shares will stay.
>>2) files:scan does NOT delete oc_storages entries. If you have old
>>unused entries you can delete them manually and rerun occ files:clean
>>On 28.08.2015 14:58, Alfred van Hoorn wrote:
>>>  I got your point. Then I have two addiotional questions:
>>>  1) Will I loose my shared links with the "files:scan -all"
>>>  2) The oc_storages table have several entries to external storages
>>>  (dropbox and google drive) with are no longer actual/valid. Will
>>>  files:scan delete that entries too and if not, can I delete these
>>>  entries manually without problems?
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>>>  Van: "Vincent Petry" <pvince81 at owncloud.com>
>>>  Aan: "Alfred van Hoorn" <email at alfredvanhoorn.nl>; "List for
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>>>  Verzonden: 28-8-2015 14:01:06
>>>  Onderwerp: Re: [owncloud-devel] OCC-command "files:cleanup" not
>>>  operating as expected
>>>>  files:clean is for entries that have no matching entry in 
>>>>  What you're looking for is probably "files:scan --all".
>>>>  On 28.08.2015 12:55, Alfred van Hoorn wrote:
>>>>>  I use OC several years now and upgraded several times from version 
>>>>>  to version 8.1.1 (on this moment). Great piece of software!!
>>>>>  In the database table oc_filecache I find very much entries to 
>>>>>  that no longer exist in the data-directory. So I used the "php occ
>>>>>  files:cleanup" command.
>>>>>  As a result I got: "0 orphaned file cache entries deleted". The
>>>>>  database table oc_filechache seems to be unchanged.
>>>>>  Is this normal behaviour (and do I have the wrong expectations) or
>>>>>  is this a bug? How can I cleanup the filecache or isn't this 
>>>>>  Thanks for the reply
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