[owncloud-devel] Federated sharing with servers that are not Owncloud

Jens Krämer jk at jkraemer.net
Sun Dec 6 10:06:34 GMT 2015


I have a few questions regarding the server-to-server sharing (which I consider
an awesome thing btw) as implemented in current versions of Owncloud (8.x or

I'm trying to receive shares from owncloud in a Rails app (Redmine, to be
specific). I'm working with Owncloud 8.2 and am referring to
http://www.open-collaboration-services.org/ocs/ocs2-draft1.html .

1) Is there a place where issues regarding that draft can be discussed and/or
  fixes can be contributed? I spotted a few inconsistencies and copy/paste

2) There seem to be some discrepancies between the draft above and what is
  implemented currently (status 100 vs 200 for 'ok', no service discovery is
  taking place, but hardcoded paths are used instead - these are what I
  discovered so far...)

  - What is the current state and roadmap regarding implementation of the draft
    in Owncloud? Do I have to expect major changes in owncloud 9.x?
  - Is there any other documentation I should refer to in order to find out
    what I have to implement now in order to work with 8.x / 9? In general I'm
    fine reading the code but to have some kind of spec for this kind of things
    would be nice, esp. when dealing with multiple versions...

3) with any request I receive from owncloud, there appears to be some garbage
  on the line like:


  Any idea where that might come from? appears to be in front of the POST request
  (which in itself appears to be valid)


Jens Krämer
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