[owncloud-devel] Self-hosted Raspberry Pi storage - solution proposal

Alexey Volkov alexey at onmydisk.com
Sun Dec 13 10:35:13 GMT 2015

Dear all,

Just want to share a proposal for self-hosted data storage based on
ownCloud + Raspberry Pi that we (On My Disk team) are working on. We
already have a working prototype of what you are challenging.  (Check out
here: https://cloud.onmydisk.com/index.php/s/m7koHex0Ku93008)

Though the proposed solution is designed a little bit different, it
provides exactly the functionality you want: self-hosted data storage based
on Raspberry Pi as back-end with ownCloud as front-end. The only difference
is that our front-end runs in a cloud (public service, free for personal
use).  We have a magic in between - our protocol which mounts your local
file system to the server. It performs secure remote access as well as NAT
traversal. No syncing or uploading is needed to view/share your files in
ownCloud (though we do some smart caching on filesystem level to boost up
the sequential access). By dividing the stack into to a back-end and
virtual filesystem running on the server, we have solved the NAT problem
and lowered the requirements for HW (no LAMP is needed on your machine).
The client is really lightweight, portable, free and opensource,  it can
work on really modest devices as well as on desktops. So the performance is
good enough,  the only major problem is the upload rate of xDSL in Europe.

Another advantage is that the front end is always up-to-date (as soon as we
take care of upgrades). But the "killer" feature is that you only need a
network cable to be connected, turn the power on, and after 8-10 seconds
your stuff is online. No matter where you are - in office, at exhibition,
at home. It just connects and mounts your stuff to you ownCloud account.

Your are welcome to test the demo:
login to https://cloud.onmydisk.com/

user: info at onmydisk.com
password: onmydisk
Here is also a public link:

You can find some videos, photos and a short presentation of the solution.
All these are stored on my RPi v.1  behind the two routers. I have no idea
which public IP do I have. My upload rate is not so good  - only 4,8
Mbit/s, so do not expect the fantastic performance.

What is NOT ready yet: initial connect or "coupling" of the device with the
user account. We did not decide yet what to chose as "token" - MAC, board
serial number or a kind of PIN printed on the  box... And we are working
hard on 2.0 version of our protocol to provide p2p cross-mounting of all
your "nodes", direct filesystem access without web gui at all...

We are open for collaboration with you guys. We can support your upcoming
"goodies" in our service by implementing the "coupling" mechanism as we
arrange here, or we can provide you with our technology to build your own
public infrastructure, it is discussable. Anyway, I think we share the same
vision and face the same challenge, so it's worth to collaborate.

Kind regards / Lep pozdrav / С уважением,
Alexey Volkov,
founder of On My Disk
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