[owncloud-devel] Proposal plug&play ownCloud

Mickaël Fourgeaud mfourgeaud at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 12:42:48 GMT 2015


Even though I have a strong experience in software dev and UX, I am new to
the ownCloud community.
But the announce of the plug&play ownCloud initiative took me out of the
I can be really lazy. But a good lazy, meaning that I need things to be
automated if it can be, leading me to develop automated services to create
vm, private servers, remote SVNs, bots to play the boring parts of modern
So I'm happy to see an opportunity to use my skills and laziness to help
the community.

This is a great initiative to allow a bigger user base with few or no
technical knowledge to switch to ownCloud from private services.
My parents, and certainly the parents of most of us here, would make a
perfect fit for this category of new users.
But to ensure that even my parents would be able to set it up, it would
require the most simple and user friendly approach.

These days, most users will look for an app to solve a problem, so I
propose to use an application to solve the set up stage.
I will list here a few requirements:
- as a user I should be able to download the app on my android or ios
device to set up my ownCloud
- as a user I should be able to see all ownCloud servers connected to my
network and their status(set up, storage left, number of hdds...)
- as a user I should be able to complete the set up stage without prior
technical knowledge
- as a user I should be able to access my ownCloud in a short amount of
time(~10min) after plugging it in for the first time. (This is more of a
quality requirements)

These features could easily be integrated in any existing apps in the
future, and some may in fact be redundant.

So far the idea is close to the web interface presented by Daniel Hansson
(enoch85). They could be merged, but diversity can also bring new solutions
and ideas to the mix. I'll let the community judge on this!

I will be meeting a few friends around Christmas time to discuss on this
project, but this is it for now.
Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

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