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Agree with Suchetla about the first fact. Not only by power outs but there
are number of ways that the SD card getting corrupted. Though it is able to
re flash OS into the SD, it is a huge headache.


On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 8:46 PM, suechtla <suechtla at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I read the article about the PiDrive and like to contribute a bit.
> As I am studying electronics and interested in IT and networking stuff, I
> am familiar with software development and its problems. Unfortunatly I do
> not like writing code. My contributions are looking towards hardware and
> networking.
> Actually I am using ownCloud on a standard x86 server, installed via the
> ubuntu-packages, without any special config. That is everything i had to do
> with ownCloud up to now. A typical user :D
> Nevertheless I want to share my opinion concerning the PiDrive:
> First of all I have a raspberry pi and a few colleagues also have one, I
> discovered huge problem with them: our raspberry pi's are eating SD cards,
> especially by power out-takes!
> If I would be a user of this device, I do not want to search for the
> problem and/or buy a new SD card, because my children occasionally pulled
> out the powerplug.
> Secondly, the raspberry pi has a bottleneck, its 100Mbit ethernet and its
> USB port. The CPU has only one USB-Host port and everything, including
> ethernet and the HDD data has to go thought this. As of today HDDs (and of
> course SSDs) are much faster than these interfaces.
> As a conclusion it would be great if there is a second platform (or the
> RPi is replaced by another SBC). An example would be a platform from
> hardkernel/ODROID. Those guys supply SBCs with GBit ethernet, eMMC and USB3
> options. The USB3 variant called ODROID-XU4 looks great to me.
> Finally, I just want to make clear, that I will not write any code, as I
> do not have the right skills and time to do this. Therefore I am not
> applying for the challenge.
> I just want to share and discuss my opinions and maybe act as a beta
> tester for the system.
> Greetings and good luck everybody!
> David
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