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Christian Rost rost at b1-systems.de
Tue Dec 15 09:40:49 GMT 2015

Hi all,

a few days ago I read the blog on owncloud.org about the
WD-ownCloud-Appliance and was really excited to read all the proposals.

First a few words about myself. I'm Christian, Linux Consultant and
Trainer at B1 Systems, located near Ingolstadt, Germany. I did a few
ownCloud Projects so I know the Software and the code.

Well, I decided to write my thought down because in my humble opionon
this should keept as simple as possible, so everybody all over the
world, no matter what experience should be able to buy the parts and use
it without knowing anything about ownCloud / linux and all the other
parts behind the GUI.

As in the blog mentioned there is already an image which can be used but
there is manual coniguration with keyboard / tv needed.

So the goal is to do this automatically.

Why not using this image and create a simple webconfig tool where the
user can submit all necessary information. And a confiurationscript or
configurationsoftware (puppet etc.) will take care that everything is
configured in a proper way?

After initial boot the user connect the Pi to TV/Screen and get a
message like "please open browser and got to 192.168..... to start
webconfig tool" or we develop a small tool which can autodiscover the
webconfig tool and open a browser on the users notebook to start the

This webconfig tool can configure for example (not limited to):
- Apache
  - SSL (let's encrypt etc)
  - SSL renew cert
- mySQL
  - my.cnf
  - Backup
- php.ini
- dynDNS
- ownCloud
  - Config Backup
- AntiVirus for ownCloud (clamav) (not sure if performance is enough)
- Username / Password for HostOS
- Automated Updates (Host OS) (ownCloud via updater)
- firewall
- UPNP (to open Port on Router) (not sure if this is not too risky)
- much much more

After initial configuration the webconfig tool can reside on the system
but is now protected via username / password so nobody can reset /
reconfigure the system.

But to implement and test everything above We need a lot of time so
let's start small and simple like owncloud did. Let's create a great
solution, easy to use for everybody.

What do you think?

This proposal is not an application for a dev-kit ( I already have a few



Christian Rost
Linux Consultant & Trainer

B1 Systems GmbH
Osterfeldstraße 7 / 85088 Vohburg / http://www.b1-systems.de
GF: Ralph Dehner / Unternehmenssitz: Vohburg / AG: Ingolstadt,HRB 3537

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