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actually all my projects and the project i knew from my colleagues run on
Beaglebones, due to the onboard eMMC, which is much more restistant to
power outtakes and other crashes. In the last year there was not any
problem, even with systems running 24/7.

Most of the time I use those SBCs only for easy implementation of ethernet
in electronic devices. Due to this fact, they get never powered down

Regarding the finacials, there are two things:
Firstly, here in Europe a single RPi2 is starting at 36€. The actual ODROID
C1+ costs 37$, which is today about 34€. I guess there will be some mass
discount and shipping has to be calculated in both cases. The difference is
quite low. The C1+ will give you the ability of using USB only for the HDD
and having the ethernet on the SoC. To be clear, I did not work with an
ODROID up to now.

Secondly, I think i missed the point a bit. I was thinking of using the
PiDrive also as a small, central storage for documents, photos, videos,
etc. of a household. Therefore a bit more powerer may be nice.

Overall, it would be great, if the project developers keep those
limitations in mind, to make any portings as easy as possible. Or even base
the system on a generic linux (e.g. Debian), so that device-level porting
is not needed.

There is another thing: I do not know, how it is handled in the rest of the
world, but in Europe most of the private internet connections have dynamic
IPs assigned. If the PiDrive should be easy to configure and worldwide
accessable, this hast to be solved in an easier way that manually adding a
dynDNS service and portforwarding.

Best regards
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