[owncloud-devel] Western Digital proposal

Michal Hrusecky michal at hrusecky.net
Tue Dec 15 10:23:59 GMT 2015

suechtla - 11:11 15.12.15 wrote:
> ...
> There is another thing: I do not know, how it is handled in the rest of the
> world, but in Europe most of the private internet connections have dynamic
> IPs assigned. If the PiDrive should be easy to configure and worldwide
> accessable, this hast to be solved in an easier way that manually adding a
> dynDNS service and portforwarding.

Given the current state of the internet I would say that easiest way to
make it world wide accessible would be to include IPv6 (either tunnel or
maybe 6to4). That should be pretty simple and nowadays there are even
dyndns services that supports IPv6. It would be also nice to educate
people while at it :-D Gonna extend my proposal.

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