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Tue Dec 15 10:45:40 GMT 2015

Concerning IPv6 this may also be a problem. Up to now, my ISP (and all its
alternatives) only supports IPv6 for big business customers and IPv6 is not
on their roadmap for privaties. Stating today, 6to4 (or equal) must

Actually, I am not sure how to deal and decide with IPv6.

2015-12-15 11:23 GMT+01:00 Michal Hrusecky <michal at hrusecky.net>:

> suechtla - 11:11 15.12.15 wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > There is another thing: I do not know, how it is handled in the rest of
> the
> > world, but in Europe most of the private internet connections have
> dynamic
> > IPs assigned. If the PiDrive should be easy to configure and worldwide
> > accessable, this hast to be solved in an easier way that manually adding
> a
> > dynDNS service and portforwarding.
> Given the current state of the internet I would say that easiest way to
> make it world wide accessible would be to include IPv6 (either tunnel or
> maybe 6to4). That should be pretty simple and nowadays there are even
> dyndns services that supports IPv6. It would be also nice to educate
> people while at it :-D Gonna extend my proposal.
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