[owncloud-devel] WD Challenge Proposal - archlinux/btrfs/docker/avahi/rsync

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Tue Dec 15 17:19:21 GMT 2015

Great proposal.

I would make the following changes:

Web server
- Go full PHP7. You're compiling from source, so there shouldn't be any
issues. Recommended PECL extensions (Redis, Imagemagick, etc.) are available
- Use PHP-FPM with Apache2. One doesn't exclude the other. Apache is
officially supported and FPM offers the best performance, with a lower
memory usage
- Maybe throw in some IDS? There are mod_sec rules out there

- Make sure you use Redis for files locking caching, otherwise
performance will suck

Application updates
- How will you handle a broken ownCloud due to a broken app per example?
The Docker image will be the latest and greatest, but users can install
apps, even experimental ones



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