[owncloud-devel] WD Labs Proposal

Lukas Werner kontakt at lwerner.de
Wed Dec 16 06:46:18 GMT 2015


I'm lukas and I'd lake to take part in this challange and therefore send 
my proposal to you.

The point is, as I've read about, what you're doing right now, I began 
to start my own ownCloud (yeah) on a WD External HDD and a Raspberry 
PI2. It all works right now, but just as you said: You have to do a 
little configuring, which isn't always the thing customers want.

So I'm very experienced in Linux Systems, Programming in some languages 
(just as PHP, Java, C++, ...) and Hardware. What I'm not experienced in 
is creating system images. But I'm interested in and would like to learn 
that stuff. So I would create a system image of my work described below.

So my proposal is to create the functionality to find the PI from my 
Laptop on scratch. Also would I like to design and develop a web 
configuration frontend to finish the installation of my ownCloud.

So I think this is an improvement to the project and I would be graceful 
to get such a prototype to implement my proposal :)

Looking forward to hear from you!


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