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Boris Rybalkin ribalkin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 17:25:43 GMT 2015


I represent Syncloud project and we share most of the goals of Western
Digital and ownCloud collaboration project so we would like to take part in
it. Every feature listed below is already implemented and working. You can
see Syncloud+ownCloud activation process video here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXJFvWeQw_s it is demonstrating a relative
installation simplicity. We maintain all information at our web site:

>From functionality perspective we have already:

1. Images for several major ARM SBCs (Raspberry Pi 2, Beagle Bone Black,
Cubieboard 2, Cubietruck and ODROID XU3/XU4).

2. Discovery and Activation mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

3. Third level domains at syncloud.it are assigned to Syncloud devices and
mapped to internal/external IP address for user convenience.

4. Ports are automatically mapped on a home router to enable external

5. Apps management system with ownCloud in it (Diaspora is in testing now
and more are coming).

Here are some technical details about how Syncloud works:

0. Syncloud device is essentially a Linux server which is hosting different
components for users.

1. For our images we prepare Debian root partition for ARM as a base and
build it together with boot partition of corresponding board into the
image. This is automated for all boards mentioned above. Syncloud software
is added once at the moment of preparing root partition.

2. Avahi server running on Syncloud device is used to enable device
discovery in the local network through Bonjour protocol. Applications for
iOS and Android were implemented to make discovery of Syncloud device as
simple as possible. At the moment of device activation user sets device

3. Syncloud Dynamic DNS  is built on top of Amazon Route53 service. Every
Syncloud device gets third level domain name at syncloud.it. The device
periodically updates it's ip address on the server.

4. UPnP and NAT-PMP protocols are used to map ports on the home router is
user wants to have access the device from outside of his network. Port
mappings are being checked and updated periodically.

5. We package each Syncloud application into copy deployment zip. This way
installation is smooth and fast. Fresh versions of applications could be
updated through web admin panel on the device. This packaging is fully
automated and runs on the build server for both x86_64 and armv7l
platforms. Applications binaries are stored and downloaded from Amazon S3

It seems that we already have covered all goals of the collaboration
project therefore we would like to participate and make Syncloud running on
the WD prototype box.

Boris Rybalkin

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