[owncloud-devel] WD Challenge Proposal - Gallery optimisations

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Thu Dec 17 11:43:58 GMT 2015


So, I've heard quite often that Gallery doesn't run great on micro
computers and since affordable 64bit versions with 16GB RAM + FreeBSD +
ZFS are not around the corner, we should probably do something about it,
especially now that a hardware vendor is going to make it easy for
anybody to launch ownCloud at home.

Here is a list of issues that should be addressed for underpowered devices:
- Previews sometimes can't be generated due to misconfiguration issues
- Thumbnails are taking too long to generate the first time someone
opens the Gallery. Especially painful since each user has his own
previews, so every family member will have to wait
- Visual feedback on first load is still not good enough for such
devices. Leaving users puzzled
- Performance on first load can be horrid if the oC config is not tuned
properly, giving the impression that the app is broken or slow

You get the idea :)

More people can work on this project and I can either add more specific
tasks to the list or they can bring their own.



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