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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 16:51:22 GMT 2015

On Sunday 13 December 2015 13:42:48 Mickaël Fourgeaud wrote:
> Hi,
> Even though I have a strong experience in software dev and UX, I am new to
> the ownCloud community.
> But the announce of the plug&play ownCloud initiative took me out of the
> shadows.
> I can be really lazy. But a good lazy, meaning that I need things to be
> automated if it can be, leading me to develop automated services to create
> vm, private servers, remote SVNs, bots to play the boring parts of modern
> games...
> So I'm happy to see an opportunity to use my skills and laziness to help
> the community.
> This is a great initiative to allow a bigger user base with few or no
> technical knowledge to switch to ownCloud from private services.
> My parents, and certainly the parents of most of us here, would make a
> perfect fit for this category of new users.
> But to ensure that even my parents would be able to set it up, it would
> require the most simple and user friendly approach.
> These days, most users will look for an app to solve a problem, so I
> propose to use an application to solve the set up stage.
> I will list here a few requirements:
> - as a user I should be able to download the app on my android or ios
> device to set up my ownCloud
> - as a user I should be able to see all ownCloud servers connected to my
> network and their status(set up, storage left, number of hdds...)
> - as a user I should be able to complete the set up stage without prior
> technical knowledge
> - as a user I should be able to access my ownCloud in a short amount of
> time(~10min) after plugging it in for the first time. (This is more of a
> quality requirements)
> These features could easily be integrated in any existing apps in the
> future, and some may in fact be redundant.
> So far the idea is close to the web interface presented by Daniel Hansson
> (enoch85). They could be merged, but diversity can also bring new solutions
> and ideas to the mix. I'll let the community judge on this!
> I will be meeting a few friends around Christmas time to discuss on this
> project, but this is it for now.
> Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

This is a very cool idea, yes. Having an app which looks on the network for a Pi ownCloud device to (help) set it up is something, I think, we should have. And I think several of the other approaches can benefit from your input and work on such an app.  You think you can build an app which works on enough platforms? I mean, Win/Mac/Lin would probably be the minimum, mobile is of course awesome, too...

Note that it doesn't have to be perfect already at the end of January ;-)

> Mickaël

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