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Hi all,

I'm amazed how many of us are interested in the
autodiscovery stuff, lol.

Ok, behind this point I think, that for my self
instead of doing autodiscovery, for my self, may I
 help with the the Web Server / dynamicDNS / SSL stuff


And for the webserver, is there apache for some
special reason?

OwnCloud works fine with nginx with a good config
and it's more suited to pi specs.

El 17/12/15 a las 18:13, Jos Poortvliet escribió:
> On Tuesday 15 December 2015 10:40:49 Christian Rost wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> a few days ago I read the blog on owncloud.org about the 
>> WD-ownCloud-Appliance and was really excited to read all the 
>> proposals.
>> First a few words about myself. I'm Christian, Linux Consultant 
>> and Trainer at B1 Systems, located near Ingolstadt, Germany. I 
>> did a few ownCloud Projects so I know the Software and the code.
>> Well, I decided to write my thought down because in my humble 
>> opionon this should keept as simple as possible, so everybody
>> all over the world, no matter what experience should be able to
>> buy the parts and use it without knowing anything about ownCloud
>> / linux and all the other parts behind the GUI.
>> As in the blog mentioned there is already an image which can be 
>> used but there is manual coniguration with keyboard / tv needed.
>> So the goal is to do this automatically.
>> Why not using this image and create a simple webconfig tool
>> where the user can submit all necessary information. And a 
>> confiurationscript or configurationsoftware (puppet etc.) will 
>> take care that everything is configured in a proper way?
>> After initial boot the user connect the Pi to TV/Screen and get a
>> message like "please open browser and got to 192.168..... to 
>> start webconfig tool" or we develop a small tool which can 
>> autodiscover the webconfig tool and open a browser on the users 
>> notebook to start the webconiguration.
> Yeah, the autodiscovery I think is the kind of stuff we need, 
> Mickaël Fourgeaud talked about developing this. We'd need a server 
> and client side, perhaps you two can figure out something together 
> here?
>> This webconfig tool can configure for example (not limited to):
>> - Apache - SSL (let's encrypt etc) - SSL renew cert
> Yeah, I think let's encrypt timing has been perfect for us ;-)
>> - mySQL - my.cnf - Backup
> Some backup solution we'll need, somehow. I was hoping to see a 
> proposal for developing that. There are some pieces here and
> there, like ownBackup for example.
>> - php.ini - dynDNS - ownCloud - Config Backup - AntiVirus for 
>> ownCloud (clamav) (not sure if performance is enough) - Username 
>> / Password for HostOS - Automated Updates (Host OS) (ownCloud
>> via updater) - firewall - UPNP (to open Port on Router) (not sure
>> if this is not too risky) - much much more
>> After initial configuration the webconfig tool can reside on the 
>> system but is now protected via username / password so nobody
>> can reset / reconfigure the system.
>> But to implement and test everything above We need a lot of time 
>> so let's start small and simple like owncloud did. Let's create
>> a great solution, easy to use for everybody.
>> What do you think?
>> This proposal is not an application for a dev-kit ( I already 
>> have a few raspies)
>> Cheers,
>> Christian
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