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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 18:07:11 GMT 2015

On Wednesday 16 December 2015 16:37:32 Lukas Werner wrote:
> Hey!
> I'm lukas and I'd lake to take part in this challange and therefore send 
> my proposal to you.
> The point is, as I've read about, what you're doing right now, I began 
> to start my own ownCloud (yeah) on a WD External HDD and a Raspberry 
> PI2. It all works right now, but just as you said: You have to do a 
> little configuring, which isn't always the thing customers want.
> So I'm very experienced in Linux Systems, Programming in some languages 
> (just as PHP, Java, C++, ...) and Hardware. What I'm not experienced in 
> is creating system images. But I'm interested in and would like to learn 
> that stuff. So I would create a system image of my work described below.
> So my proposal is to create the functionality to find the PI from my 
> Laptop on scratch. Also would I like to design and develop a web 
> configuration frontend to finish the installation of my ownCloud.
> So I think this is an improvement to the project and I would be graceful 
> to get such a prototype to implement my proposal

Thanks for your proposal!

I think that there are already several proposals related to building disk images, so hey, maybe you can focus indeed on what you do best - the development side. There's some stuff for the auto-config, Mickael had a proposal, Daniel Ripoll offered to help. Then the Syncloud guys, they have apps already.

I personally like the Syncloud solution but up to a point - UPnP won't work for everybody. Also, much of it happens 'under' ownCloud, but maybe that is a good approach. What are your thoughts on the other proposals?


> Looking forward to hear from you!
> Lukas
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