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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 19:33:23 GMT 2015

On Monday 14 December 2015 16:16:26 suechtla wrote:
> Hi,
> I read the article about the PiDrive and like to contribute a bit.
> As I am studying electronics and interested in IT and networking stuff, I
> am familiar with software development and its problems. Unfortunatly I do
> not like writing code. My contributions are looking towards hardware and
> networking.
> Actually I am using ownCloud on a standard x86 server, installed via the
> ubuntu-packages, without any special config. That is everything i had to do
> with ownCloud up to now. A typical user :D
> Nevertheless I want to share my opinion concerning the PiDrive:
> First of all I have a raspberry pi and a few colleagues also have one, I
> discovered huge problem with them: our raspberry pi's are eating SD cards,
> especially by power out-takes!
> If I would be a user of this device, I do not want to search for the
> problem and/or buy a new SD card, because my children occasionally pulled
> out the powerplug.

Yes, the SD Card can and has to be ONLY used for the bootloader. The OS and esp the database have to be on the hard drive.

> Secondly, the raspberry pi has a bottleneck, its 100Mbit ethernet and its
> USB port. The CPU has only one USB-Host port and everything, including
> ethernet and the HDD data has to go thought this. As of today HDDs (and of
> course SSDs) are much faster than these interfaces.

Yes, performance is limited. But the PI is very popular and that, in itself, is a big advantage: a lot of knowledge, a lot of optimization, everybody knows it etc.

So for the first round (prototypes plus the first few hundred devices) we will go for a Raspberry.

For after that - we can probably move to something better, faster etc.

We have looked at the Banana Pi, for example, and there's more of course. Heck, I actually think that the 2nd batch should probably strive to be on a 64bit chip and those boards still need to come on the market (at a reasonable price) ;-)

> As a conclusion it would be great if there is a second platform (or the RPi
> is replaced by another SBC). An example would be a platform from
> hardkernel/ODROID. Those guys supply SBCs with GBit ethernet, eMMC and USB3
> options. The USB3 variant called ODROID-XU4 looks great to me.
> Finally, I just want to make clear, that I will not write any code, as I do
> not have the right skills and time to do this. Therefore I am not applying
> for the challenge.
> I just want to share and discuss my opinions and maybe act as a beta tester
> for the system.

Still valuable, keep talking and thinking!

> Greetings and good luck everybody!
> David

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