[owncloud-devel] ownCloud-for-everybody Proposal

Influency correspondent at influency.com
Thu Dec 17 20:03:08 GMT 2015


Thank you for launching this project!

I.  Proposal of:    William Gibbens of Influency

     Project:          ownCloud-for-everybody
     Dated            December 16th, 2015

I would welcome an opportunity to participate in the (Western Digital / 
ownCloud Team) collaborating in the creation a self-hosted device 
(SW/HW) ownCloud device

II.    Background:
     I've been deeply involved in computing and open source software 
working as an artist, educator, critic and developer from my independent 
studio, Influency. Over the years, I've remained deeply skeptical of 
various web-based mail, storage and hosting "solutions" preferring 
instead to establish and maintain my own evolving infrastructures.

     Just recently, a client presented me with a Qnap NW-RAID device 
(for extensive examination) which he had attempted to utilize without 
satisfaction. Providing some additional criteria, he then asked me to 
research and implement a viable self-hosted "Cloud Storage" solution 
that would meet his needs.

     The "Cloud" solution I recommended and implemented for my client 
was a PC based Fedora 23 (non rpm) implementation of ownCloud. However, 
would the solution suit my own needs? I dd not want to run another PC 
24/7 and made a mental note that it wold be nice to try something like a 
"pi" based solution... I've spent the last week re-building my studio - 
arriving at the point of establishing a RAID Array on my main 
development box yet yearning for a small, silent, networked "cloud" to 
synchronize key project files, data and content between my main and laptop.

III.    Prospectus:
     Just yesterday - I found your article about this project! I am 
older, have a lot of experience and interest in Open Source, Open 
Standards Hardware, Software and Product Development. I've taken some 
time away from the commercial end of the industry and, in my opinion, 
the biggest challenge I face is finding things to do which are not only 
meaningful and worthwhile doing, but also offer a good set of 
interdisciplinary challenges in a collegial atmosphere.

     Thus, I believe this project would be great and that my recent 
"Cloud" project established a sound critical and technical base - 
establishing my interest and setting the stage for productive 
participation in the project team.

IV.    Proposal:
     1. Phase I: 10+
         - I want to work on the early prototypes because both the 
technical constellation is well defined and time frame is compatible 
with my skills, interests and availability.
         - I would expect to flexibly apply both my development and 
consulting expertise into play on tasks identified and prioritized with 
the team

             - Perhaps: images, scripting (I do a lot of), tooling, 
initial setup experience.

     2. Phase II: 500+
         - I am very interested in integrating and optimizing (HW/OS) 
with the design, development and testing of functional interfaces and 
applications for a device
         - I would be particularly interested in developing 
opportunities for further product development around such a self-hosted 
cloud devices
         - I also would also be very interested in engaging other 
(participants / consumers) in the "ownCloud-for-everybody" 
(Prototype/Beta) challenge here in Vancouver
         - I would certainly enjoy arranging to host beta testing 
session, installation workshops and speaking engagements and writing 
about this project

             - Perhaps:  ownCloud apps around that can work on any of 
the images.

V.    Conclusion
     I believe it is a great project and I hope you can fit me in! I'll 
follow the progress with interest in any event. Thank you again.

Yours truly,
William Gibbens of Influency, 604-222-8707


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