[owncloud-devel] PiDrive proposal: merged solution?

Alexey Volkov alexey at onmydisk.com
Thu Dec 17 20:53:13 GMT 2015

2015-12-17 20:26 GMT+01:00 Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at gmail.com>:

> On Wednesday 16 December 2015 10:29:39 Alexey Volkov wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > What do you guys think of merging two solutions proposed by Petros
> > Angelatos  (redis.io)
> > https://mailman.owncloud.org/pipermail/devel/2015-December/001820.html
> > and one from our team?
> > https://mailman.owncloud.org/pipermail/devel/2015-December/001796.html
> >
> > Our solution is based on minimal OS built manually with Buildroot, and
> this
> > part is not covered good enough yet. Redis.io is definitely superior
> here.
> > But our approach is less resource hungry since we do not need http/php
> > running on board, we run our lightweight "back-end"  which performs FUSE
> > file operations over the SSL channel. RPi filesystem is mounted on
> server,
> > where ownCloud "sees" it as local file system. It works for any complex
> > network configurations, bypasses NATs/firewalls  and runs also on v1
> boards.
> >
> > Yes, user should trust the service, but we can make WD- or even
> > community-controlled service like https://<your_uid>.pidrive.org or
> > whatever.  User just registers at service, types the board id under the
> > user's profile, and that is all - ownCloud GUI with your data hosted on
> > your RPi. And also PCs are supported, so user can access all his data in
> a
> > single entry point.  And in v2 of our protocol we will bring up p2p
> > cross-mounting capabilities to avoid relaying data through the server.
> >
> > As I told, we have a prototype working, but such hot things like multiple
> > boards support, host OS updates, data backup are not implemented yet. In
> > collaboration with redis.io we could make it really good.
> I personally feel that the solution of essentially running ownCloud
> somewhere else and using the Pi purely for storage doesn't solve the
> problem of dependency and privacy. If your server is hacked, all user data
> is lost, right? If your server goes down, so does everything, right? And if
> you get, say this is super sucessful, 100.000 users, can you handle that?
> For free?
> The v2 protocol sounds interesting, p2p certainly is helpful and possibly
> what we're looking for. I just want to make sure we keep this as
> independent from any outside server(s) as possible - I don't think you're
> evil (of course not) but it is a risk I think.
> Then again, I also think that there is room for multiple solutions, at
> least up to a point. When we ship a device, it might make total sense that
> the first version offers multiple choices for how to set things up - and
> your solution DOES solve the hard firewall problems and such, so for some
> users, it might be perfect. So don't be discouraged, I think you can be
> part of the solution.
> Cheers,
> Jos
> > What do you think?
> >
> >
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