[owncloud-devel] ownCloud to Home Users (WD + ownCloud)

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 21:36:26 GMT 2015

On Thursday 17 December 2015 20:53:44 Frederik Gottemeyer wrote:
> Hey Jos,
> Wow cool, didn’t know that there are community meetups here in Berlin, I
> may come around next time!
> First of all I am not a webdev. but I can immagine to write an App. where
> you can easily Set Up your private Cloud and look up to information about
> your storage, your connections etc.. And options where you can easy share
> your data in your local network to other users.
> So I want to make an App for an easy setup that non technical people can
> connect there private server, too.
> My programming skills are Java and a little of C# and Swift.
> I learn Swift in my leasure to build small applications und C# at my
> college.
> I am not afraid to learn something new.

.. And that is all you need!

> Best regards
> Frederik

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