[owncloud-devel] WD Challenge Proposal - archlinux/btrfs/docker/avahi/rsync

Petros Angelatos petrosagg at resin.io
Thu Dec 17 21:41:45 GMT 2015

> I still do not understand enough why docker files are better than
> "traditional" linux packages which run directly in the system.

This a good question. Dockerfiles, or containers in general, aren't
better than packaging unconditionally. There are use cases where
having a container as the deployment unit makes more sense than a
package and vice-versa.

The reason I prefer having a container for this project is that there
will be a lot of different components that bring together this
project, and if we go for a packaging solution we'll most probably be
tied to a specific package manager. Of course the counter argument
here is that we can always support more package managers but I think
it will be too much work to do.

There is also a nice side effect which is that the results of this
project will be easily re-usable by someone already running some sort
of home server. You just run the container and you're good to go.

> Isn't docker adding additional memory and CPU consumption here?

For CPU, there isn't any. After the container starts it's the same as
any other process on the system.

Memory consumption depends on how we run the container. If we go with
docker, the docker binary will have to be loaded in memory. Its size
has been going up as docker adds functionality, currently at 22MB. If
we run the container with something like systemd-nspawn, there is no
daemon running, just the container binaries.

> And having that asked, I'd strongly advise againt using SQLite. It might
> save a bit, but the way ownCloud uses the database is not exactly
> optimized for SQLite and thus this decision has the potential to
> endanger the success of your cool project. Just because of performance
> breakdown.
> I'd suggest to rather use mysql and put some effort to tweak it to low
> memory consumption, as described in tons of articles in the web.

I don't have strong opinions here at all. I proposed SQLIte based on
the ownCloud documentation which suggests SQLite for single user
installations. We should definitely do some comparison on actual
hardware and see how it goes.

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