[owncloud-devel] WD Challenge Proposal - archlinux/btrfs/docker/avahi/rsync

Petros Angelatos petrosagg at resin.io
Thu Dec 17 21:49:26 GMT 2015

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 5:32 AM, Alexey Volkov <alexey at onmydisk.com> wrote:
> Petros, what is redis.io in two words? Provisioning solution for boards
> built with your framework? With network access capabilities?

I'd say it is a solution for provisioning, managing, and updating
linux devices using containers. We do have network capabilities but
that's not our core mission.

> What do you think of merging our solutions? We have a minimal OS built
> manually with Buildroot, this part is not covered good enougth. Also we have
> no  backup and system updates yet. But the networking part is less resource
> hangry since we do not need http/php on board, we run our lightweight
> "back-end"  which performs FUSE file operations over the SSL channel. It
> runs also on v1 boards. Filesystem is mounted on server,  ownCloud "sees" it
> as local file system :)
> Yes, user should trust the service, but we can make WD- or even
> community-controlled service like https://<uid>.pidrive.org or whatever.
> User just registers at service, types the board id under the user's profile,
> and that is all - ownCloud GUI with your data hosted on your RPi. And also
> PCs are supported, so user can access all his data in a single entry point.
> We work hard to bring up p2p cross-mounting capabilities in v2 of our
> protocol to avoid relaying data through the server.
> As I told, we have a prototype working, but such hot things like multiple
> boards support, host OS updates, data backup are not implemented yet.
> What do you think?

Your technology sounds very interesting, however I can't keep but
thinking that even though the hard drive will be in a user's home, the
cloud service will have full unconditional access to it which sounds
scary. I'd be interested to hear how does this setup compares with a
hosted ownCloud installation.

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