[owncloud-devel] WD Challenge Proposal - archlinux/btrfs/docker/avahi/rsync

Petros Angelatos petrosagg at resin.io
Thu Dec 17 21:57:38 GMT 2015

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 9:19 AM, interfaSys sàrl <info at interfasys.ch> wrote:
> Great proposal.

Thanks :)

> I would make the following changes:
> Web server
> - Go full PHP7. You're compiling from source, so there shouldn't be any
> issues. Recommended PECL extensions (Redis, Imagemagick, etc.) are available

You're right! I just read the announcement[1] that says PHP7 is
supported. Let's go for it :)

> - Use PHP-FPM with Apache2. One doesn't exclude the other. Apache is
> officially supported and FPM offers the best performance, with a lower
> memory usage
> - Maybe throw in some IDS? There are mod_sec rules out there
> Caching
> - Make sure you use Redis for files locking caching, otherwise
> performance will suck

All good points, definitely worth some testing to see how they
perform, 1GB of RAM isn't too much :). Do you know if there are any
ownCloud performance test suites that we can run to assess these
options? The PHP7 announcement contains some graphs of performance
tests, maybe we could re-use those.

> Application updates
> - How will you handle a broken ownCloud due to a broken app per example?
> The Docker image will be the latest and greatest, but users can install
> apps, even experimental ones

I'm not sure about this. How is it normally handled when running
ownCloud without a container? One thing that immediately comes to mind
is taking a snapshot before installing an app and then rolling back to
it if everything goes wrong. But there might be better solutions than
this naive approach.

[1] https://owncloud.org/blog/php-7-is-here-and-owncloud-is-ready/

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