[owncloud-devel] PiDrive proposal: merged solution?

Alexey Volkov alexey at onmydisk.com
Thu Dec 17 22:05:21 GMT 2015

Oops. I've sent an empty message :)

Jos, thank you for your questions.  Actually, we keep these challenges
in mind since the project's  beginning.

> I personally feel that the solution of essentially running ownCloud somewhere else and using the Pi purely for storage doesn't solve the problem of dependency and privacy. If your server is hacked, all user data is lost, right? If your server goes down, so does everything, right? And if you get, say this is super sucessful, 100.000 users, can you handle that? For free?

Centralized ownCloud + federated data approach has advantages for some
use cases, for example for "central office server <-> servers at the
remote offices". For this case we can provide an isolated instance of
the server in virtual form or co-installed on the real server,  linked
to company domain, and/or even integrated with and existing ownCloud
installation. The remote servers (which may be simply remote office
workstations) will run only the back-ends since they do not need the
logic, it's handled centrally. And that is an answer to the privacy
issue - you will have your private server, independent. Communication
with the client nodes is encrypted with the certificates you issue and
revoke. Of course, this machinery is completely hidden from end users
and those of "admins" who never heard of  VPN and NATs, it should just

Regarding the public service running at onmydisk.com - yes, it can be
a target of the attack, yes, it can be down. But you control your
encryption keys, just click "update certificate" if you fill
suspicious. Regarding the data safety - it is as safe as ownCloud
itself. Of course, you should trust us, as well as ownCloud, and we
must keep the the whole stack updated.. But anyway the critical data
should be backuped, whether is it shared or not. Here we do not have a
solution yet, but we will have it sooner or later.

> The v2 protocol sounds interesting, p2p certainly is helpful and possibly what we're looking for. I just want to make sure we keep this as independent from any outside server(s) as possible - I don't think you're evil (of course not) but it is a risk I think.
We will try to make v2 (p2p) version be capable to work with central
server down. You will not be able to add more nodes to your network,
but the existing nodes should work.
And I do not see problems running the complete stack (LAMP/ownCloud)
on good machine like RPi 2, and connecting to it over the v2
protocol... I will discuss it tomorrow with my guys.

> Then again, I also think that there is room for multiple solutions, at least up to a point. When we ship a device, it might make total sense that the first version offers multiple choices for how to set things up - and your solution DOES solve the hard firewall problems and such, so for some users, it might be perfect. So don't be discouraged, I think you can be part of the solution.

Thanks for your feedback,

> Cheers,
> Jos
>> What do you think?
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