[owncloud-devel] WD Challenge - IFTTT integration

Taehyun Park taehyun at thenaran.com
Thu Dec 17 23:00:50 GMT 2015

Hi all,

I'd like to participate in the WD contest, and here's my proposal.

To give a little bit of my background, I'm the creator of Prota OS (
http://prota.info/downloads - there's nothing much at this point. Working
on it now), and it's basically a headless operating system for personal
server computers. I thought this would perfectly solve the issues stated in
the contest page.

Let me explain what Prota OS can do already and what I'm going to build
during this contest.

What Prota OS can do
1. Configure WiFi without plugging in keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
  Prota automatically puts RPi with WiFi dongle into the AP mode, so users
can find Pi in their WiFi SSID list and connect to it. Then, they open up a
web browser to configure Pi's WiFi using Prota's web-based interface.
2. Install ownCloud with a single click.
  Prota provides a service called App Library, from which users can
download and install pre-packaged applications to their Protas. In the
past, I've ported the older versions of ownCloud, so I know it works.
Better yet, Prota automatically recognizes any USB connected storage
devices, so after installing ownCloud, it should just work.
3. Automate applications
  Prota has its own automation engine, sort of similar to IFTTT, but a lot
more powerful as it runs on your own hardware (this means you can utilize
Pi's GPIO and plug in any sensors of your choice).

What I will build
1. Port the latest version of ownCloud to the latest version of Prota OS.
2. Integrate ownCloud to Prota's automation engine.

* "burn image -> configure WiFi -> install ownCloud -> automate" without
mouse, keyboard, monitor.
* Users will be able to create fun and useful automation rules. For exmaple,
  * If someone emails me with attachments, save them to ownCloud.
  * If someone downloads from ownCloud, blink LEDs connected to GPIO.
  * If there's any motion from the connected USB camera, save the captured
image to ownCloud.
  * and the list goes on and on.

There are a lot more to Prota OS, but I'm going to stop here. The new
version of Prota Os will be released within a few weeks (beta version), so
you are welcome to try it out :)

Let me know about your thoughts!



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