[owncloud-devel] Western Digital proposal: personal electronic bookshelf (addendum)

Frank de Lange owncloud-f at unternet.org
Fri Dec 18 00:30:35 GMT 2015


Of course it would also be possible to extend the functionality of the
personal bookshelf by adding format conversion routines (borrowed from
Calibre), book editing and publishing functionality (through the
Documents app or another existing solution - laziness is a
virtue after all) and syndication feed concatenation (to create custom
electronic news'papers' for use on offline reader devices). The key to
all this would be to keep it as simple to use and to use as much
existing infrastructure as possible. Any tools and apps which need to
be written for this application should be usable on 'plain' Owncloud to
create a similar system on different hardware.

On a totally different note: the Raspbery Pi is known to sometimes eat
SD cards. Given that this box-to-be will contain both an SD card as
well as an external drive, it should be possible to create an automatic
boot repair system which uses a copy of the SD card on the external
drive to restore the card. The Raspberry Pi can be booted from USB
after all...

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