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I have bit of experience using Apache Cordova and Phonegap cloud build. I have build for Windows Phone and Android. Things can achieve with Cordova for Windows Phone is very less. But for android it has good support. I tried to build Windows Store(Not Windows Phone) app using cordova and build it successfully but had lot of other errors. Simple Ex: Temporary certification key comes up with cordova is not supported in Visual Studio 2013. 

For small projects Cordova would be ideal as developers can cover many platform support with very small effort. But with the complexity of the app, it will be hard to develop.  

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I'd appreciate that, thanks!
I believe one would have to write the sync backend in native code for 
each platform, but that conflicts with the Cordova concept.

On 01-02-15 11:10, Sander Brand wrote:
> At work we have a programmer who works with Cordova, so if you want i 
> can ask him how to solve this issue (about syncing stuff).

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