[owncloud-devel] Starting app in OC-8.0.0RC2 always redirects to the files app

Lukas Reschke lukas at statuscode.ch
Sun Feb 8 16:27:11 GMT 2015

Best guess is that your app is based on the legacy way to write apps (without testable controllers) and does thus not use the AppFramework. With ownCloud 8 it is required to provide a list of all routes and routing guessing is not anymore done. If developers use the AppFramework the apps require no modifications at all.

See this mail in August to the devel https://mailman.owncloud.org/pipermail/devel/2014-August/000565.html

Guess that should be on the changelog page as well, let me change that. Anyways, it would *really* make sense to switch to testable AppFramework controllers ;-)

- Lukas

> On 08 Feb 2015, at 17:16, Christian Reiner <foss at christian-reiner.info> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I am trying to get the Shorty app working in an OC-8.0.0RC2 test installation. 
> I worked around a number of backwards compatibility issues according to the 
> documentation at 
> http://doc.owncloud.org/server/8.0/developer_manual/app/changelog.html
> Now the app can be installed successfully, though I have to state "9" as the 
> max OC version, why ever. 
> But although the app appears to install and shows up in the apps menu I cannot 
> start it. Selecting it always redirects to the "Files" app. Shipped apps can 
> be started, in contrast. 
> The funny thing is: I do not get *any* error whatsoever. Nothing in the http 
> server error log, nothing in the owncloud log, nothing in the browser console, 
> even nothing in the system log file. 
> Looks like once again I need to dig through all the core code to find out what 
> is broken? This is somewhat annoying, since as an app developer I do not want 
> to debug the core code. 
> Or does anyone have a hint for me where I could start looking? Thanks!
> The issue is tracked here: 
> https://github.com/owncloud/shorty/issues/112
> Christian Reiner (arkascha)
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