[owncloud-devel] Test volunteers for Shorty-0.5 ?

Christian Reiner foss at christian-reiner.info
Tue Feb 10 18:50:37 GMT 2015

> > releasing Shorty version 0.5. 
> > [...]
> > It would simply be awesome if someone could take a few minutes to give it
> > a short test. 
> > [...]

On Tuesday 10 February 2015 19:12:47 Mark Ziegler wrote:
> Just tried your app on a fresh oc8 install and it works.
> Could enable app without error and created a few shortys.
> I am not a regular user of your app so I doubt my test cover all functions?
> Anything specific to test?

OK, that's already helping, thanks! 
Maybe you want to try different backends. You can select the users backend in 
his preferences dialog. The set of backends offered there again is configured 
in the administrative settings dialog. 

Most interesting here is the "static backend" which allows to use the app 
without any external shortening service. However this requires some rewriting 
rules inside your http server or similar, there is a short description inside 
the dialog, more details in the documentation (bundled, noted in info.xml, but 
unfortunately not yet linked in the UI). 

Another thing are the different "status" you can set for an entry. That 
controls who can use the entry. It not set to "public" it requires an 
authentication prior to being relayed. Worked for me, but this is a 

Maybe also the tons of features the main list offers: 
Open the lists toolbar (click on the title row), it slides out below and play 
around: sorting, filtering, collapsing and reopening columns
Should work, but you never know :-)

Oh, and also the "Shortlet" has to be tested in different situations 
(environments and browsers). That is something like a "Bookmarklet" which 
allows too create a Shorty leading to an arbitrary site you opened in your 
browser. For this you have to "install" the Shortlet fist: simply drag it from 
the users preferences dialog to the browsers bookmarks (explained in the 
preferences dialog). 

Hm, I think "that's already all" :-)
Probably tons of other things come into mind later, though :-))

But great thanks for volunteering!

Christian Reiner (arkascha)

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