[owncloud-devel] Test volunteers for Shorty-0.5 ?

Mark Ziegler mark.ziegler at rakekniven.de
Wed Feb 11 07:35:03 GMT 2015

Am 10.02.15 um 19:50 schrieb Christian Reiner:
> OK, that's already helping, thanks!
> Maybe you want to try different backends. You can select the users backend in
> his preferences dialog. The set of backends offered there again is configured
> in the administrative settings dialog.
> Another thing are the different "status" you can set for an entry. That
> controls who can use the entry. It not set to "public" it requires an
> authentication prior to being relayed. Worked for me, but this is a
> reimplementation.
Works for me as well.

> Maybe also the tons of features the main list offers:
> Open the lists toolbar (click on the title row), it slides out below and play
> around: sorting, filtering, collapsing and reopening columns
> Should work, but you never know :-)
Played with it and it works. No crashes, no misbehavior.
Except that the cursor looks wrong when moving it over title bar.
My OS X does not allow me to take screen shots incl. cursors :-(


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