[owncloud-devel] Strange session issue in OC-8

Bernhard Posselt dev at bernhard-posselt.com
Sun Feb 15 16:21:24 GMT 2015

Can you open an issue in core? I think we need more details and its
easier to work this out on github. You can cc me (@Raydiation)

On 02/12/2015 07:46 PM, Christian Reiner wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I experience a strange effect with sessions inside OC-8. That is, strange for 
> me, since I do not understand this. Probably I miss something here, so maybe 
> someone can give me a hint here: 
> The Shorty app implements a http basic auth strategy for a special purpose. 
> That has nothing to do with normal owncloud sessions. The additional 
> authorization helps to keep two things separate: "normal" owncloud sessions 
> versus requests to a public service, the Shorty relay service. 
> In the implementation I took care *not* to login the user, so *not* to create 
> a session within owncloud. Nevertheless I see this strange effect: 
> Normally, when you logout from owncloud all cookies are deleted and you are 
> forwarded to the login form, since you do not have a valid session any more. 
> Now the fun starts: after having used that described public service once and 
> having authenticated successfully as requested by the http basic auth strategy 
> it suddenly is impossible to logout from the "normal" owncloud session opened 
> in another window or tab. The logout button works, sends the expected headers 
> and deletes the cookies. However instead of the login form you are forwarded 
> right into a valid OC session which loads the default app. 
> Now I do understand that the browser resends his authentication realm after 
> the logout. But I fail to see how a) that is connected with the "normal" 
> owncloud session and b) why there suddenly is a new session although all 
> cookies have been removed. 
> Could someone help me to understand this effect? 
> Thanks,
> Christian Reiner (arkascha)
> PS: I attach the two conversation dumps, one with one without that effect. 
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