[owncloud-devel] Working on Contacts import

Bill Nelson owncloud-devel at 1150.cc
Tue Feb 17 23:01:12 GMT 2015


I'm new to this list as of 30 minutes or so ago.  Additionally, this is 
the first time I've attempted to participate in an open source project 
so please forgive me if I "break protocol" or similar.  :-)

I'm emailing because I've been working on fixing/augmenting the Outlook 
CSV import in the Contacts app.  I've backwards engineered as best I can 
the connector.xml files, creating several modified ones of my own.  I've 
also spent some time trying to understand the vcard format as well.  
Here is a sample of where I'm at:

  * I've fixed the import of "Notes" (changed vcard_parameter to
    vcard_entry in the connector.xml file)
  * I've added additional properties to be imported (i.e. "other" address)
  * It appears the "N" property isn't functioning correctly
      o The standard lists LName;FName;AddName;Prefix;Suffix (0,1,2,3,4)
      o No matter what I do I wind up with LName;Fname;AddName;Suffix
        (prefix is dropped)
      o My iPhone is putting the suffix as the person's prefix (makes
        sense considering above)
  * Comparing the oc_contacts_cards and oc_contacts_cards_properties
    tables I see not all of the properties in the card is making it into
    the properties table
  * It appears there is additional processing/selection happening
    between the import connector and the above output tables
  * etc . . .

I've been working on this steady for the last 3 days as well as off/on 
for some time before that.  I'm happy to continue working/contribute/or? 
but I think I need some background and/or a little guidance to continue 
moving forward.

Can anyone help me help you (which will help me)?  :-)

bill nelson

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