[owncloud-devel] ownCloud Android Client 1.7.0

David A. Velasco dvelasco at owncloud.com
Thu Feb 19 11:48:40 GMT 2015


we are happy to announce that version 1.7.0 of the ownCloud client for 
Android is already available in the Play Store. If you cannot see it 
yet, just hold your breath until Google enables it in your region. The 
APK is on it's way to get Amazon users too. The source code can be found 
under the tag 'oc-android-1.7.0' in Github: 
https://github.com/owncloud/android/releases/tag/oc-android-1.7.0 .

It's a big pleasure to me say that you will find the long-time desired 
**download of folders** in the list of features added with this version. 
Really. Not joking. It. Is. Here.

Besides, we'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteer 
contributors that have joined to the project in the last months and are 
made possible that tons of new features were added to the app. Regarding 
to this release, special kudos for @tobiasKaminsky for the big effort 
put in the new **grid view** for folders with images.

See the attached change-log file for some more details about the 
improvements got with this release.

Best regards,
David A. Velasco (for the Mobile Team).

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- Download full folders
- Grid view for images
- Remote thumbnails (OC Server 8.0+)
- Added number of files and folders at the end of the list
- "Open with" in contextual menu
- Downloads added to Media Provider
- Uploads:
  + Local thumbnails in section "Files"
  + Multiple selection in "Content from other apps" (Android 4.3+)
- Gallery: 
  + proper handling of EXIF
  + obey sorting in the list of files
- Settings view updated
- Improved subjects in e-mails
- Bugs fixed

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