[owncloud-devel] Storing files in ownCloud for Android.

David A. Velasco dvelasco at owncloud.com
Wed Feb 25 09:50:26 GMT 2015


ownCloud for Android stores the local copy of the files in public 
storage. That allows that other apps in the device may access the 
downloaded files with no other special permission than access to the 
file system. The advantage of this approach is providing an extra way to 
share files with other apps. The drawback is that other apps may modify 
the files of the account with no barrier or control from the ownCloud 
app, what may result in security issues,

We are planning to start using private storage instead. The lack of 
access though the file system will be a limitation for regular file 
browsers, but there are still other means to get access to the ownCloud 
files from other apps. Besides, we should also implement the 
DocumentProvider API to provide the newest and safer.

Our main concern about this change is how the current users will receive 
it. We'd like to read opinions here to get an idea.

How would you see that the app directly moves the current ownCloud 
folder to private storage? Would you prefer it as an optional setting, 
or as a mandatory option?

Please, join the discussion in 
https://github.com/owncloud/android/issues/898 if you are interested in 
this topic.

Best regards,
David A. Velasco (for the Mobile Team).

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