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Holger Engels hengels at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 09:10:13 GMT 2015


i suppose, i#ve detected a bug .. this is, why i'm posting here ..

i've connected owncloud to our ads .. the automatic user-management is
really a great feature!

so far, users and groups are detected correctly, the association between
users and groups is correct, too. though as our user's cns are unique and
meaningful, it would be desireable to use them as usernames in owncloud.
unfortunately i can't get this working ..

login filter is (&(objectClass=person)(cn=%uid))
internal username is uid
uuid-attribute for user is cn
case insensitivity is activated
database is mysql

though alle the usernames look like _1203, _2972, ... as they had no uids
and all names were colliding .. example ..

a user with the unique(!) cn=achieng.den1234 gets the correct displayName,
is member of correct group, but is assigned the username _5402 ..

i tried to clear the mappings several times, even removed all accounts by
applying an erroneous user filter and waiting for the trigger .. i can't
figure out, what i am doing wrong :-/

any help would be very appreciated! regards

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