[owncloud-devel] ldap user mapping broken?!

owncloud at danger-it.de owncloud at danger-it.de
Fri Feb 27 11:39:27 GMT 2015

I had a similar issue. Since the display name is correct I didn't
bother. I did however make some observations as to why/when this happens.
To me it seems like oc under some circumstances detects an existing user
as a new one and then appends something like _1234 in its internal
userdb to prevent 'duplicates'. For me this happened when I was setting
up OC and testing the different settings (ldap and otherwise). All the
accounts I used for testing back then now have this additional numbers.
New accounts work just fine for me.

When you have opened an issue like Arthur suggested, please send me the
link. I'd like to keep an eye on the issue and may be able to do some
testing if necessary.


On 27.02.2015 12:14, Arthur Schiwon wrote:
>> a user with the unique(!) cn=achieng.den1234 gets the correct displayName,
>> is member of correct group, but is assigned the username _5402 ..
>> i tried to clear the mappings several times, even removed all accounts by
>> applying an erroneous user filter and waiting for the trigger .. i can't
>> figure out, what i am doing wrong :-/

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