[owncloud-devel] ownCloud solutions in *other* projects

Alessandro Cosentino cosenal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 21:35:57 GMT 2015

Hi all,

In order to celebrate ownCloud's 5th birthday (and the anniversary of
my 3-year engagement with ownCloud), I have planned to write a blog
post on how the development of ownCloud has benefited other software
projects (not necessarily open source projects).

I want to collect major contributions made by ownCloud developers to
external projects. For the contribution to be part of this collection,
it needs to satisfy the following three constraints:
1) the contribution makes sense to exist independently from ownCloud;
2) the itch to make that contribution was felt while writing ownCloud
code or doing stuff related to ownCloud;
3) the contribution did somehow benefit ownCloud.

It is fine if the contribution constitutes the project itself. Also,
it doesn't need to be actual code, it can be documentation, a software
engineering pattern, a testing technique, a trick to hunt dinosaurs,
whatever, as long as it satisfies the constraints above. Moreover, it
doesn't need to have been intentional: it's fine if you just wrote a
piece of code for some ownCloud app and some other project is now
using that.

Lots of things could contribute to this list, the following are some
random hypothetical examples:
- a patch to a PHP library we use as external library;
- an angularJS directive;
- a Jenkins plugin;
- ...

A concrete example: after we switched to picoFeed as the feed parsing
library of the News app, Bernhard has contributed with many fixes to
the library and most of them have already been merged upstream.

Don't be shy and show off your work by replying to this email.
Deadline is Friday January 16th, when I will collect all the answer
and write the post.

Happy 2015,

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