[owncloud-devel] Problem handling session cookies in owncloud

Moises Solorzano moises185 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 9 12:59:06 GMT 2015

I'm new in owncloud and i am developing a Firefox OS client for it. When
 I try to login and send the user credentials to the owncloud server, I 
need to obtain in response the cookie that I will use to authenticate in
 ownCloud in each request.

My problem is that as I’ve seen in 
Wireshark, when i make a POST request to login, the owncloud server 
sends the response with a cookie header in a HTTP 302 message, but I 
cannot read this message in my code because Firefox handles it 
automatically (and therefore i cannot handle the cookie sent in this message) and I read the final HTTP 200 message without cookie 
information in the


 my question is if there is any option you could recommend me to read this 
HTTP 302 message headers or if I can obtain the cookie from Firefox OS 
before I send the next request, or make Firefox OS to add the cookie 
automatically, or even change some parameters in the owncloud server 
(disable cookie sessions, change the status code 302 to 200 in order to 
let me handle directly the cookie...). I use the following code to make 
the POST request:

request = new XMLHttpRequest({mozSystem: true});
request.open('post', serverInput, true);
request.addEventListener('error', onRequestError);

if(request.status == 200 || request.status==302){
  response = request.responseText;
  var headers = request.getAllResponseHeaders();
  document.getElementById('results').innerHTML="Server found";
  alert("Response not found");
  document.getElementById('results').innerHTML="Server NOT found";

Thank you in advance for your support 		 	   		  
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