[owncloud-devel] Trouble with css and jss loading: always getting 200 instead of 304

Arman Khalatyan arm2arm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 22:22:03 GMT 2015

OC7.04 is loading main page slower than OC 4.0.x.
When I check with FFbug  it shows that my requests for the css/js are
always status:200.
Am I missing some option in the config.php to get static css/js cached in
the client side?
Even with 'asset-pipeline.enabled' => true,  does not help.


Dr. Arman Khalatyan eScience -SuperComputing Leibniz-Institut für
Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP) An der Sternwarte 16, 14482 Potsdam, Germany

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