[owncloud-devel] Failed setting up Contacts app for development

Rumesh Eranga rehrumesh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 19:27:56 GMT 2015


I am Rumesh Hapuarachchi, a new developer to Own Cloud. I tried to install
Contacts app but couldn't get it up and running.


1.Setup Apache, Mysql, php in Ubuntu 14.10
2.Download owncloud app from owncloud.org and extracted to
3.Granted read/write permission to core folder including sub folders.
4. Created a database in Mysql named 'owncloud'
5. Logged into 'http://localhost/owncloud/core' and created an account for

Then I noticed that I had to setup contacts app via ocdev tool.

6. installed ocdev tool
7. deleted existing contacts folder from core folder
8. in apps folder I executed 'ocdev setup contacts'

After completion, i tried to access Contacts app via owncloud but all I got
was a blank page.

Can someone guide me how to get Contacts app working?


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