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This is a great idea. 

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What about an app store that uses git repos instead of uploading zips, much like bower. The only required thing would be a repo string, everything else would be read from the info.xml. The workflow for registering would be something like the following:

   ocdev register http://github.com/user/repo

Apps can be pulled from the appstore by adding a <private>true</private> tag to the app's info.xml or depending on which app store we want the app we could just add the domain: <appstore>http://my.own.appstore.com</appstore>

This would not only make publishing very easy (just push a tag to a repo) but also reviewing (you can diff back to the previous tag that youve reviewed). And you've got support for multiple ownCloud versions out of the box, just parse requiremin/requiremax etc!

When installing the app, the app store would check for the tag that was requested, clone the repo and create a downloadable, cachable zip if a zip does not already exist.

The project itself could be a webapp that just exposes the ocs app store api and handles the git clone stuff. A webinterface could follow later on and should only feature screenshots, ratings and optionally comments (most comments are bug reports that should go to the bug tracker).

In the future we should furthermore get rid of the ocsid and just use the app id to identify apps, otherwise we'll run into collisions when a user installs an app with the same app id (folder name)

On 01/29/2015 09:59 AM, Vincent Petry wrote:

One idea would be to write an API client library for the OC APIs in
several programming languages (Perl, PHP, Go, Javascript/Node JS), just
like pyocclient does it for Python (see

Basically implement functions to manage files (through WebDAV), manage
shares (through the OCS Share API), private data / attributes (OCS
Privatedata API) and later more like user management, tagging, etc.



On 01/28/2015 11:03 PM, Jos Poortvliet wrote:

On Wednesday 22 October 2014 15:36:26 Alessandro Cosentino wrote:

Hi all,

Google has announced the student program Summer of Code 2015 ( see the
official announcement:
-google.html )

Most probably there will also be another Summer round of OPW (Now it's
called FOSS Outreach -- https://gnome.org/opw/).

ownCloud will participate in both these programs (check this page for
more details on ownCloud past participations on these programs:

I will follow up with more details later on, but in the meantime, we
need your help:

Our Project Ideas page needs love! --

A ping on this - we really need some more good ideas on that page! And 
anybody interested in participating in ownCloud through GSOC - start thinking 
about what you'd like to do...

If you have in mind a cool project for ownCloud, please add it there.
If you are in doubt whether the project has the right size/difficulty
level, or whether it would benefit ownCloud at all, discuss it on our
mailing lists first.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask myself, Jan, Jos, or
Thomas (in cc).

We aim at having at least 10 projects in that page before the programs
start (in March). Help us to reach that goal, we can do it!

In the next months I will be extremely busy finishing up my PhD
thesis, but I will try to help as much as I can.

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